Neo Urban Networks Workshop 2020

City Interaction Lab


About the Event

We are happy to invite you to the online webinar on Neo-Urbanistic-Network workshop, which is organised by the City Sense Lab Paris . The main topics - urban design of green cities - how cities answer to the crisis (COVID, natural disasters, climate change) - network of city communities: online and offline living Event consists of 2 parts: - interactive talks of speakers on data analysis in order to teach hackathon participants to analyse and publish their data in Open Science Framework. - hands-on part to work on several topics on four topics (urbanistics, data analysis for social good, open city mobility and education, health data) in order to work with participants on designing real solutions based on the data. The exact program of the hackathon will be published in November 2020. The event is dedicated to the topic of healthy city for equal development. In particular, it is focused on the main topics, such as data science for social good, analysis of big data by citizens, such as mobility data, data about hospitals reachability etc. One of the main motivations for the event is to develop future projects between and across different disciplines: open data management and collection, urbanistic research, physics, transportational systems analysis, computer science (machine learning methods, development of fast and reliable algorithms for data structures). All participants can come in teams or find their team before the event. Approximate number of participants is around 50 people. The event is open to everyone.

About Us

The main idea of City Interaction Lab aims at building interdisciplinary inclusive city-living in urban areas around the globe. We unite researchers, urbanologists, artists and educators for open workshops, common projects development and city-volunteering. We work in areas of city perception, city analysis and data visualisation.