Smart & Sustainable Cities. Why one should care about climate neutrality and how ICT can help with it?

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Cities are in the vanguard of the needed global action on climate change. Urban areas account for 71-76% of human-induced greenhouse gas emissions, making them main contributors to the climate. Cities are also among the areas greatly affected by climate change, which poses risks to infrastructure, ecosystems, housing, service delivery, and the livelihoods and health of urban communities. As sources of strong economic growth, cities have the greatest potential for adaptation and mitigation, making them central in addressing climate change. Rapid digitisation has resulted in new opportunities for a rethinking of how cities are organised and function. Data are starting to have an essential role in establishing "evidenced-based policymaking and effective investment in and management of infrastructure in a city". However, 'smartification' of cities imposes a risk of supporting a purely technocratic and top-down approach to urban governance. Hence, cities need to "be equipped for complex decision-making about the future in a way that engages the appropriate partners and communities". In this talk, Oleksii Pasichnyi makes a brief overview of the climate change agenda for cities and discusses the role of information and communication solutions (ICT) in addressing contemporary urban challenges. Oleksii Pasichnyi holds a PhD in Industrial Ecology from KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden. His PhD explored new opportunities for urban climate governance appearing from the emergence of urban energy data, focusing on strategies for decarbonisation of building stock in Stockholm. Dr. Oleksii Pasichnyi's research interest is on urban analytics in the building energy domain and strategic planning of urban infrastructures including participatory methods for stakeholder collaboration. Language: English 18:00 CET / 19:00 EEST Admission by registration: *After registration, you will receive an email with the link to the event.

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