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Mon, February 22, 1:30pm - 3:00pm CET Lecture & Workshop / in English Dina Padalkina / Circular Berlin: From small initiative to big impact Paju Bertram, Andrea Röhrl / Circular Munich: Co-Creation for Circular Cities Workshop: Co-Creation: Formats for Circular Hubs From local organisations to big impact: Circular Berlin shares their path and key learnings on the work of community building, local projects realisation from the bottom-up transformation, as well as the key success criteria to understand and bring circular economy on the system level, such as a city. Circular Munich presents a concept to implement circular hubs which promote co-creation and participation within cities and offer the space to jointly implement innovative approaches driven by citizens and society. In a shared working session, participants are invited to brainstorm and discuss different co-creation formats for circular hubs. The event can be attended via the following ZOOM link: https://zoom.us/j/94439402925?pwd=b3hmVFdQK2JZcUVZYlJlLzh4eVdDUT09 (First you will land in a digital waiting room. From there, we will let you into the online event. If any problems should arise - for example during the event - that affect several people, we will provide updated information here in the description. In order to be able to recognise bots and trolls better, we ask you to use rather 'unique' names in Zoom. Thank you very much! )

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This is a forum for everyone who is interested in the term “Circular Society” and the social-ecological transformation of society following circular principles – whether you are a practitioner, decision-maker, researcher or citizen. The Circular Society Forum offers anyone interested a several days lasting frame for sharing research findings, field experiences, artistic-creative work as well as exam- ple projects and space for discussion.