Project Manager

7 months ago

Samara Airbnb

San Francisco
Project manager

About Us

Samara is a design studio at Airbnb exploring the future of human connection, building products and services that bring us closer to each other and with ourselves. Its project, Backyard, is an initiative to prototype new ways that homes can be built and shared, guided by an ambition to realize more humanistic, future-oriented, and waste-conscious design. It investigates how buildings could utilize sophisticated manufacturing techniques, smart-home technologies, and vast insight from the Airbnb community to thoughtfully respond to changing owner or occupant needs over time.

About the Role

The Project Manager helps initiate and manage groundbreaking multimedia projects, ensuring that everything runs smoothly, on time, and within budget. You’ll lean on your robust cultural knowledge and professional experience working with high-end talent agencies to keep Samara’s creative collaborations fresh and exciting, all while helping Samara’s creative leadership translate big ideas into actionable processes.

What You're Gonna Do

- Support and manage the development of content, including project timeline and calendar management, organizing meetings, budget tracking, contract and payment oversight, and booking travel - Facilitate outreach, follow-up and subsequent coordination with collaborators and partners - Capture minutes for meetings and stay on top of follow-up actions - Write and edit copy with a sharp eye for inconsistent punctuation and typos - Build and maintain a network of high-end creative talent, including designers, photographers, producers, and writers

About You

- 3+ years experience in design studio or agency project management - Professional experience working with high-end creative talent agencies - Exceptional writing and communication skills - Inclusive and collaborative approach to getting stuff done - Good at handling pushy, forgetful, or inattentive contacts - Familiarity with current-gen collaborative content and project management tools, including, Asana, and every Google product under the sun - Cool and persistent


International Candidates

This job is available for international candidates.