SPACE10 Delhi Residency

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About Us

We describe SPACE10 as a future-living lab. We research and design innovative solutions to some of the major societal changes expected to affect people in the years to come. We do this in collaboration with an ever-growing network of forward-thinking partners. Based on our insights and learnings, we strive to create better and more sustainable ways of living.

About the Role

Do you have a bold, visionary idea? Would you like to transform it into an engaging concept that can travel the world? If that sounds like you, then apply for the SPACE10 Residency program. The SPACE10 Residency program is a platform for promising and seasoned talent from diverse disciplines to explore their practice through creative collaboration and loose briefs. As a resident, you’ll join us for a fixed period of time to work on the global challenges we’ve identified while providing our team with new perspectives. **Identified Opportunity — For You and SPACE10** ‘Life At Home Essentials For the Many’ is where we explore realistic solutions for bringing the fundamentals of life — access to clean air, energy and water — to people around the world with even the thinnest wallets. What does it mean for global health, education and quality of life when almost a 1 billion people gain access to electricity after living without? How does human well-being improve when the essentials for life are affordable and within reach for all? Can we build a sustainable system that secures access to life’s necessities for every person on the planet? **What do Residents Get Access to at SPACE10?** As a resident you will get full access to SPACE10, our in-house facilities, digital tools, Program and Journal channels — and physical and digital interface with our community.

What You're Gonna Do

**Brief & Deliverables** We are looking for people with a hands-on approach to answering the following briefs. You can submit everything from a sketch, painting or video to a microsite, design or algorithm, etc. We encourage you to use your creative practice to show us how you would work with the given subject. Final deliverable: 1. The proposal must be explained and exemplified in a maximum 10-slide PDF presentation, including a project timeline. The total maximum word count is 1500. 2. A maximum 200 word description in which you introduce yourself, your values and your motivation for the residency. The answer to the brief will serve as the foundation for your residency. The concrete objective and deliverables of your residency will be defined in collaboration with SPACE10 and you prior to your arrival. Brief: Life at Home Essentials For the Many We research the societal, environmental and technical shifts likely to impact people’s everyday lives. We believe in the possibilities of changing old habits for better futures. With more challenges arising from a growing population and finite resources, we need to utilise technology and design to provide increased access to clean air, water and energy at a fraction of the cost. Assignment: How would you experiment with today’s available technologies to design a solution, service or product for one of life’s essentials — clean air, energy or water? Could you do so in a way that was democratic, affordable and sustainable?

What We Offer

**What will SPACE10 cover?** - A monthly stipend - Transport - Budget to cover accommodation (if applicable) - Daily lunch - Materials **Timeline** - Application deadline: January 20 - 
Interviews: January 27 – 31 - Final decision
: February 3 - Residency starts: February 10 - Residency ends: April 10

International Candidates

This job is available for international candidates.