Head, Global Green New Deal Pilot Implementation

9 months ago


Johannesburg, London, Los Angeles
Project director

About Us

C40 connects more than 90 of the world’s greatest cities. It is focused on tackling climate change and driving urban action that reduces greenhouse gas emissions and climate risks, while increasing the health, wellbeing and economic opportunities of urban citizens.

About the Role

Inclusive Climate Action Programme The Inclusive Climate Action (ICA) Programme was established at the behest of a group of C40 mayors for C40’s business plan 2017-2020. The programme focuses on supporting mayors and cities to ensure local climate policies and initiatives are designed in an inclusive way and have equitable impacts, as a way to make the case for bold climate action and maximize its benefits across urban populations. The programme aims at delivering leadership and advocacy support, technical and strategic assistance, training and peer-to-peer exchange on assessing and understanding the wider benefits of climate action; increasing capacity to engage inhabitants and stakeholders; and designing inclusive and just climate strategies. Position Description The Head of GGND Pilot implementation will lead on delivering the new GGND initiative of the ICA programme, reporting to the Director of the ICA programme and working closely with other members of the ICA team. S/he will be directly managing five ICA city advisors located in 5 pilot cities, a dedicated technical assistance team and will be supporting the Director of the ICA Programme in the day to day management of the partnership with the Just Transition Center and the international union movement. Working in tandem with C40’s relevant teams, s/he will support the identification of pilot and sister cities, the delivery of technical and strategic support to pilot and sister cities as well as collaborate with (among others) C40’s Communication and Campaigns team to ensure coherent narratives & strong communication outputs. S/he will be passionate about working with cities to identify practical solutions in the environmental and socio-economic sectors with regards to tackling climate change, have strong interest and familiarity with notions of just transition, environmental justice, the needs and resilience of vulnerable communities as well as on other key equity challenges and opportunities in delivering inclusive climate action. The person will be a natural communicator, collaborator, and facilitator, with strong political awareness and knowledge of working with mayors, cities and stakeholders on key strategic priorities. Very organised, with demonstrative leadership and understanding of the challenges in delivering technical assistance programmes at the local level and strategic support to decision-makers and leaders on stakeholder engagement, coalition building and communication. S/he will collaborate very closely with the ICA Programme Director to successfully support the ICA Forum Manager, the ICA Global Leadership Manager and the ICA Knowledge and Content Managers in developing knowledge products; in bringing cities together to share lessons learnt and best practices; in developing and managing major global partnerships; and in facilitating delivery of support to C40 member cities working collaboratively with regional staff and partner organisations. S/he will also collaborate with the wider ICA team on joint projects and programme work streams and will work closely with key C40 teams such as the Communications Team, the City Diplomacy Team, the Global Initiatives Team, the Climate Action Planning Team, the Regions Team, and the Office of the C40 Chair.

What You're Gonna Do

- Work closely with the Director of International Diplomacy, the ICA Programme Director, the Head of Campaigns and the Director of the Office of the C40 Chair to identify and establish the Global Green New Deal Initiative project team and overall workplan. - Ensure the successful delivery of the initiative, including tracking and reporting on results/impact, managing a number of streams of work simultaneously. - Draft, deliver and maintain a comprehensive work plan for the programme of work, including providing support to the development of the overarching monitoring and evaluation structure/activities to ensure the goals of the programme are delivered on and that the partnership objectives and expectations are met. - Deliver key components of the ICA programme as set out in C40’s new business plan and report to the Director of the Inclusive Climate Action Programme and funders on budget, KPIs and results. - Work closely with the Programme Director, Regional Directors and other relevant team members to confirm the 5 pilot cities, the sister cities and the other wider cohort of involved cities. S/he will lead in co-developing with the 5 pilot cities the related work plans to define a programme of work and support for minimum two years. - Coordinate the identification and selection of dedicated ICA City Advisors for the 5 pilot cities (where selection has not yet happened). - Oversee and deliver technical assistance support to the five pilot cities through line management of the ICA City Advisors and dedicated technical assistance team members. - Support the Director of ICA with management and day-to-day coordination of the partnership with Just Transition Centre (JTC) as well as coordinating and aligning with other relevant strategic partners to deliver joint outcomes. - Work with the ICA Programme Director, relevant ICA team members, C40’s City Diplomacy Team and Regional Directors to develop and manage partnerships and strategies which will direct resources to C40 member cities participating in the programme and showcase mayoral leadership. - Collaborate with relevant teams and team members to support bilateral and multilateral city interactions and convenings, in order to leverage expertise and knowledge residing among cities. This will include: - Contribute to the development of campaigns on GGND and GGND themes built with partners. - Showcase the leadership of cities at key global events: demonstrating cities delivering a green new deal in action supporting mayors participate in key global and regional events. - Support the Communication Team in engaging communications and messaging expertise to ensure the definition of the initiative is clear and resonates across C40 regions. - Support C40 in developing a joint narrative, key messages, and common communications moments to highlight how the green new deal can be delivered, and is being delivered in cities. - Support the development of highly effective knowledge products for cities and mayors. - Serve as a senior subject matter expert for just transition, global green new deal and key areas of inclusive climate action. - Work with senior city officials from various departments as needed to enable ambitious and accelerated delivery of inclusive climate action. - Manage programme of work’s logistics, including dedicated budget, timelines and grants, team’s work plans, etc. - Support the ICA Programme Director and the International Diplomacy Director as requested and when needed to ensure the strategic delivery of the overall ICA programme. - Additional duties as requested.

About You

Essential - Demonstrable experience in government, business and/or NGO sectors with a strong focus on policy development, policy-making, and strategy development. - Proven knowledge of Just Transition notions, labour union engagement and socio-economic challenges and issues, in particular related to the environmental sector at city level. - Proven strong understanding of political dynamics in cities and local governments, and of strategic and technical needs of city leaders. - Proven experience of engagement with senior representatives of civil society and business organisations. - Proven track record in working collaboratively and effectively with partners and groups, such as NGOs, community-based organisations, activists, etc. - Strong problem-solving, interpersonal and strategic thinking capabilities coupled with an outcome, delivery-orientated approach. - Significant project and programme management experience, including oversight of multiple concurrent projects. - Experience managing staff and teams. - Very strong written and verbal communication skills. Very strong convening skills. - Excellent presentational skills and the ability to represent C40 effectively at high level meetings, global events and with high level city officials, funders and other relevant stakeholders. - International experience, particularly working across different cultures, languages and time zones. - Fluent in English (spoken and written). Desirable - Proven experience of engaging with programmes, initiatives and/or organisations that provide support, advice and/or knowledge to governments. - Knowledge and understanding of international and regional decision-making policy forums (ie. UN, EU, etc.) on climate related topics and just transition. - Previous experience in working effectively with communication teams and/or organisations will be an asset. - In addition to English, fluency in one or more native languages from C40 member cities.

International Candidates

Unfortunately, it seems like this job is not available for international candidates. Unless you’re eligible for a work visa otherwise, please double-check with the company.