International Programme "Creating Homes for Tomorrow"

CANactions School

Helsinki, Kyiv
Long-term programme, Workshop
21.03.2020 - 28.03.2020
1200 EUR

About the Programme

Within the 2019/20 program, CANactions School travels to 4 metropoles in western, northern and central Europe and explores their innovative approaches for creating more livable neighborhoods. Based on the findings, we develop new strategies for locally specific and globally relevant questions, considering spatial, economic, social and political measures. The program is exposed to the housing context of the three European cities that are widely acclaimed for their high living quality – Amsterdam, Zurich and Helsinki, and absorbs their practices to specifically address the housing challenges of the rapidly expanding Eastern European metropolis of Kyiv. The program is organized in a modular format, with the possibility to pick two or more workshop for attendance, including the final workshop in Kyiv, which is compulsory for all participants. Each 8-day workshop is organized as on-site exploration of a local housing context in one of the four studied cities. - Work on a real-life housing case in focus teams, addressing various aspects of housing design and development; - Study visits to best practice housing projects sites and meeting their authors/initiators; - Interaction with local experts, including host city administration, architecture, and planning offices, educational institutions and civil society representatives. FORMAT AND DURATION: 4 seasonal workshops of 8 days each: - Amsterdam: October 20—27, 2019 - Zurich: December 1—8, 2019 - Helsinki: March 22—29, 2020 - Kyiv: May 9—16, 2020 FEE: 2 workshops, including Kyiv—1'200 EUR Participation fee covers: - Participation in the program; - Working materials; - Meals and snacks during the workshops; - Fieldtrips (incl. public transportation tickets/bike rent). **The alumni of the previous CANactions School programs have a discount of 5%. PARTNERS: Aalto University, Academie van Bouwkunst, Architectural Prescription, Інтегрований розвиток Подільського району Києва, Helsinki Zürich Office, ZHAW Zürcher Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften. APPLICATION DEADLINES: - February 2, 2020 (23:59 CET)—for Helsinki + Kyiv.

Who's Coming

The program is targeted to graduates and professionals with a specific interest to explore challenges in urban development, particularly in the context of urban housing production and consumption. In particular, we are looking for: young professionals from the fields of Architecture, Urban Design, Urban Planning, and Civil Engineering; critical thinking researchers and professionals with background in social sciences (Economics, Political Sciences, Sociology, Human Geography, Anthropology or other). There will be up to 30 participants in each workshop. All program participants (full and modular) gather for the final workshop in Kyiv.

About You

All documents should be submitted in English. Apply [here](!

About Us

CANactions School is an educational platform, with offices in Kyiv and Amsterdam. Our mission is to enhance the creation of places and communities where people love to live and work.