NeoRural Futures Summer School


Summer school
02.09.2019 - 06.09.2019

About the Programme

What are the possible, imaginable and preferable futures of rurality? How will rural environments change in the near future through the impacts of the global phenomena that are taking place in our planet and, how will people live, move, communicate and relate between cities and rurality with these transformations? How will these changes reflect on people’s daily lives? On the objects they use everyday? NeoRural Futures is a Summer School - part of the Speculative Edu research project - where international community of experts, influential designers, researchers, students, and professionals will meet and experiment in practice the most promising and innovative approaches of speculative design, design fiction, near future design and critical design and apply these approaches to rurality. NeoRural Futures will be held from 2nd to 6th of September 2019, at RUFA Space, in the Pastificio Cerere, an historical building for contemporary art in the heart of the San Lorenzo neighbourhood in Rome, and feature an intensive 5-day workshop as well as a cultural program with meetings, events and conferences. Join us! - 5 day workshop - 35 participants - 3 coordinators - 5 tutors - A beautiful location in the heart of Rome - A final exhibit to celebrate and showcase workshop results - A cultural programme with meetings, events and conferences in Rome

About Us

SpeculativeEdu is an educational project whose aim is strengthening speculative design education by collecting and exchanging existing knowledge and experience whilst developing new methods in the field of speculative design.