Sustainable-Sustainable Architecture

Critical Concrete

Online, Porto, Remote
Long-term programme
01.10.2020 - 01.10.2021
2,590 €

About the Programme

Sustainable-Sustainable Architecture is an English-taught post-graduation starting in autumn 2020 and is structured into online courses and practical workshops. The programme focuses on sustainable architecture practices both environmentally and financially. It combines 90 hours of theory with 210 hours of hands-on-experience bridging topics of sustainable construction, participatory design and social project management. The programme is initiated by Critical Concrete in collaboration with ESAP – Escola Superior Artistica do Porto and assisted by guest lecturers and mentors with recognized experience. Student will co-design and build real social projects in Portugal, as the course is embedded in a project aimed at refurbishing houses of low-income families and public spaces for local communities. FOUR MAIN MODULES - Sustainable Construction f focuses on environmentally friendly building methods – natural and low-tech solutions – and the benefits of implementing a circular economy logic within construction. - Human Settlement Development addresses the importance of rethinking how we build our cities and common spaces from an intersectional and inclusive perspective. Various kinds of occupation cases and environmentally friendly alternatives to the conventional urban lifestyle will be presented and discussed. - Sustainable-Sustainable Projects reviews how to plan, fund and run a social project within a legal framework. - Methodology embraces a design strategy consisting in researching vernacular techniques, and integrating them within today’s construction methods and engages in sociological and anthropological sciences applied to urbanism and architecture. ONLINE LEARNING & THEORY e-learning // Online-Courses will be available on our platform to share the theoretical knowledge, underlined with practical assignments the students will do in their surroundings with our online supervision. building community // In each online course, community tools will be embedded to share results and create conversation among participants. PARTICIPATORY DESIGN Within the frame of Critical Concrete’s upcoming projects the students will participate in the co-design process with the inhabitants, which will be moderated by our team. PRESENTIAL PRACTICE The practical course will be held in the form of 3 workshops of 2 weeks each, in a similar fashion of our summer school programme. There will be a total of 7 workshops in the upcoming two years and a half, and the students will join three of these in the frame of the programme, according to their interest and resources.

About Us

Critical Concrete sets up various educational formats centered around sustainable architecture and art in context, to refurbish abandoned places for social housing and cultural initiatives.


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