Urban Tissue Weaving

Independent School for the City

22.01.2021 - 24.01.2021

About the Programme

Don’t throw away your old garments, clothing or fabric! These clothes from the attic that date from another period in your life, the worn shirts your ex-lover left behind or just the silly purchases you made and which haven’t left the closet since: everything that creates a meaningful story, an interesting pattern or just a beautiful colour scheme will be the perfect starting material for this workshop. From the beginning of civilization, weaving has played a cultural and artistic role in societies worldwide. Also the economic and scientific influence of the design and technology of looms has been significant: more than two centuries ago, the first punch cards were used on looms, which can rightfully be seen as the prerunners of the computer and formed the basis for the industrial revolution. Weaving is far more than a hobby and it certainly isn’t dull or prissy. This course offers the participants an exploration into the multiple meanings of weaving on a traditional Finnish weaving loom. It is a communal journey for which the Independent School for the City has teamed up with visual artists Bart Gorter and Ernst van der Hoeven, to understand the principles of weaving and to discover it as a metaphor for urban planning, for architecture and storytelling, for the computer, for the landscape and many more things. The course will result in one large rug, collectively woven by the participants. Over a period of only 3 full days, you will be introduced to all the ins and outs of weaving. After an introduction and a weaving trial on a small loom, we will make a collective design for a rug and work on a traditional Finnish weaving loom. During the process you are presented with all the functional elements of weaving: the beam, the reed, the heddle, the slay and the treadle. After one day of individually weaving under guidance you are welcome to come back any time after the course (on appointment), to extend the rug. Eventually we will free the rug collectively and discuss the results.

Who's Coming

Architects, Urbanists, artists and other spatial professionals and students

About You

The course is subject to Corona measures and cannot be held online. Depending on the situation in December, the course may or may not take place. Therefore you can register for this studio by sending an email to Info@schoolforthecity.nl. For practical reasons, a maximum of 12 participants can take part in this course.

About Us

The Independent School for the City is a platform for urban professionals to explore the complexity and contradictions of the global city. Social Sciences, Economy, Planning, Design, History and other "urban studies" are brought together in a trans-disciplinary community of learning. The school has deep roots and a strong presence in the city of Rotterdam and is part of a wide and diverse international network of practices and institutions. It is rooted in the practice of Crimson Historians & Urbanists and Z.U.S of combining a critical, activist approach to the city with effecting real change through architectural and planning projects. Blurring the line between critique and practice, research and policy and a strong belief in an incremental instead of a tabula rasa approach to city planning.