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06.09.2021 - 18.09.2021
500 EUR

About the Programme

CANactions School in collaboration with Brno University of Technology—Faculty of Architecture, the City of Warsaw, the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, the Romanian Order of Architects Bucharest, and the Bucharest Architecture Annual, is introducing 2 weeks intensive workshop, to embrace and establish international knowledge exchange between institutions and organisations based in post-socialist states, in order to tackle 'Alternative Models for Living'— Collaboration, Ownership, Governance, Polycentricity – in urban scenarios across their regions. The workshop is exposed to the context of four countries — Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, and Ukraine — in order to explore their approaches for creating livable cities, with the aim of proposing alternative models. DATES: 6 —18 September 2021 LOCATION: Kyiv (UA) PARTICIPANTS: Professionals and master-students from the fields of Architecture, Urban Design, Urban Planning, Architecture History, Sociology, Anthropology, Political, and Cultural Studies, and other related fields TYPE: 2 weeks intensive international workshop PARTNERS: Brno University of Technology — Faculty of Architecture, the City of Warsaw, the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, the Romanian Order of Architects Bucharest, the Bucharest Architecture Annual, CANactions School STRUCTURE: The program consists of three phases: (1) Research (2) Systematic Design (3) Conference and Exhibition PARTICIPATION FEE: 500 EUR (Discount 10% for CANactions School Alumni and Full Members The participation fee covers participation in the program, resources materials (literature, lectures, meeting with experts), working materials, and field trips during the one-week intensive workshop week (incl. public transportation tickets/bike rent). LANGUAGE: English APPLICATION DEADLINE: 4 August 2021 (17:59 СET) More information:

Who's Coming

You will develop the following competencies:  - Knowledge – of four European models of housing (Bucharest, Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine) - Systematic project proposal – develop coherent design or policy improvement supported by case studies, and alternative housing models - Policy research and analysis skill – ability to map and understand housing policies' frameworks (key documents, stakeholders, sources of information), understanding of policies’ consequences for the built environment and housing markets  - Comparative analysis skill – ability to identify and demonstrate similarities and differences between housing policy frameworks  - Research-based design – learn to develop best solutions to the challenges informed by the context  - Systematic project proposal – develop coherent design or policy improvement project backed up by evidence, develop alternative housing models  - Working in a multidisciplinary team – learn to improve your solutions through the exchange with other specialists  Institutional cooperation – learn to work in international multi-institutional arrangement  - Cultural exchange — discourse between different disciplines and cultural backgrounds, learn new working approaches    Tangible outcomes:  - Participation at the international Exhibition – projects will be compiled into an exhibition of the studio groups and exposed by the international partners  - Certificate and/or 10 ECTS credits – the program’s graduates receive a certificate issued by the educational team – all involved organisations, institutions, and mentors,  as well as 10 ECTS credits  - Expanding your network — working closely with multidisciplinary program peers, with representatives of architecture and planning offices, city administrations, and academia in Central and Eastern Europe;

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CANactions School is an educational platform, with offices in Kyiv and Amsterdam. Our mission is to enhance the creation of places and communities where people love to live and work.