Urban Studies and Spatial Planning Research School

University of Florence

Winter school
17.01.2019 - 18.01.2019

About the Programme

A network of scholars from a number of Italian universities, engaged with doctoral courses, have voluntarily set up a PhD learning project on research methodology in the field of planning and urban studies. This is a sort of “research methodology school” that offers graduate students, PhD candidates, young academics and scholars affiliated with doctoral programs the opportunity to interactively build learning and training paths in research methodology. The school is organized around the following main sections: 1. Basics Basic questions will be addressed in this section, including: how to write an academic article or a PhD Thesis, and, how to publish in international scientific journals. 2. Methodological questions Parallel workshop will be offered, addressing topics including: questions related to methods of qualitative and quantitative research and to the research-action approach, and, the challenge of working with comparative approaches beyond the stereotyped ‘divides’ that have influenced international research (north/south divide; formal/informal etc.). 3. Research design We will address: an overall strategy to integrate the different components of a qualitative study and effectively address the research problem. We will address topics including: questions about what research design is and what it is not, how to make sure all parts are properly in place before “tightening”, and why are you thinking of doing a qualitative study of the topic chosen. 4. Challenges We will address hot topics in the field of planning and urban studies this section. Two leading scholars in the field will give a talk addressing their approaches to the topic and their methodological perspective. 5. Pint of research Inspired by “Pint of Science” (an initiative started in 2012 by a group of UK based postgraduate and postdoctoral researchers), “Pints of Research” will be offered as an opportunity to meet researches in an interesting, engaging and approachable way: a number of Italian scholars are available for "beer-to-beer" meetings over a beer, a glass of wine or a soft drink, with a limited number of PhD candidates and young academics for exchange and tutoring activities.

Who's Coming

Attendees from all countries are welcome.

About You

Master degree is a basic requirement.



About Us

The University of Florence is one of the largest and most productive public research systems in Italy. This result is related to the number of permanent and temporary researchers working in a wide range of disciplinary and scientific fields, and the numerous junior scientists in training. It is also due to an intensive participation in research programmes of national and international relevance, the significant scientific results achieved, and the financial flow from outside supporting activities of research and knowledge transfer. This combination of factors qualifies the Florentine institution as a modern research university, and accounts for its excellent ranking in national and international classifications.