Critical Concrete Summer School

Critical Concrete

Summer school
30.07.2019 - 19.08.2019

About the Programme

The annual Summer school is a design/build educational format with tangible social impact that is capable of filling the gap in architectural education, which is often being separated from construction. The crucial skills for architectural profession that Critical Concrete provides, is gained while improving housing conditions of local families in need. Critical Concrete reflects on a paradigmatic shift in the role of architect in today’s society. Rather than contributing to autonomous building-making that often disregard the context of the architectural intervention, it promotes a position of a citizen with expertise, who acts from within the community. International students gain a valuable hands-on experience by thinking through making, in the design/build tradition, while networking with other like-minded people and exchanging their skills and knowledge. Get inspired by the theoretical input given by recognised local and international mentors during the whole process of the project! The summer school format itself was initiated with the aim of answering the question: how to refurbish a socially relevant place with no money and an enriching project for its participants? The activities designed at Critical Concrete aim to bring young students real life challenges, giving them not only knowledge and experience in the field, but providing them with a unique and diverse set of skills. Our ambition is to provide an alternative way of teaching, learning and creating architecture, art and design. For that, we run workshops and summer school programs combining both theoretical and practical activities, fostering sustainability in all its levels. All of these actions happen in close collaboration with the communities using the tackled spaces.

About You

- You must be 18 or older. - You should have a strong interest, in architecture, DIY culture, sustainable construction, temporary architecture, social involvement. - You don’t have to be an experienced builder. - You should be able to communicate in English.



About Us

Critical Concrete sets up summer camp programs centered around sustainable architecture and art in context, to refurbish abandoned places for social housing and cultural initiatives.


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