MSc MADE Living Lab Masterclasses and Exhibition Opening 2021

AMS Institute


About the Event

After months of hard work, co-creation sessions, research, stakeholder interviews, design, and product development, the MSc MADE students will showcase their results in an online Living Lab exhibition and three masterclasses. On Monday March 22nd, we invite you to join us for the official opening of the MSc MADE Living Lab Online Exhibition. The exhibition tells nine stories about achieving change in urban sustainability. Experience the learning outcomes of the student Living Labs in an online guided tour and get ready to be inspired! Curious to dive deeper into the Living Lab stories? The students organize three masterclasses on the same day. In an online workshop of 90 minutes, they share one of their learning experiences with you. Program March 22 - 09.30-11.00 | Masterclass 1: creating new collaborations in the municipality of Amsterdam - 11.15-12.45 | Masterclass 2: from complex challenges to concrete solutions - 13.30-15.00 | Masterclass 3: Living Lab methodologies for technical challenges - 16.00-17.00 | Online Exhibition Opening About the MSc MADE Living Lab The Living Lab course is part of the MSc MADE graduation year. During this course, the students are connected to partners in the AMS Institute network, or in some cases even create new connections. The course allows them to gain Living Lab experience in a real-life setting. Through tackling cases all over the city, the students work on urban challenges, tinkering with all types of (practical) solutions together with different types of stakeholders. From hydrogen heatmaps to urban water storage, from the transformation of the housing market to reinterpretation of polluted areas, through all these experiences MADE students learn to adopt a living lab way of working.

About Us

AMS Institute is a collaboration between Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Wageningen University & Research, Delft University of Technology, the City of Amsterdam, Shell, European Space Agency, Accenture, IBM, Port of Amsterdam, Cisco, Waternet, Alliander and KPN. Aiming to solve problems in metropolitan areas, we combine brainpower, data and knowledge from the fields of design, planning, life sciences, engineering, physics, mathematics, information technology and social sciences. Through facilitating and initiating (research)projects that ‘fix’ things we create practical solutions, products, businesses activity and workable plans that benefit urban progress.