SESSIONS ON TERRITORY. Urbanism as Material Accumulation

ETH Zurich

Panel discussion
01.03.2021 - 26.04.2021

About the Event

SESSIONS ON TERRITORY is a series of public debates on the political economy of architecture and territory. Focusing on the material cultures of architecture and urbanism — from territories of resource extraction to the construction site — the upcoming series unravels contemporary forces at work in the formation of the built and natural environments. Through a series of debates with invited guests, the seminar aims to critically reflect on the materiality of contemporary urbanism. Every intervention by a guest speaker is followed by a panel discussion with invited respondents. The Spring Semester 2021 Sessions on Territory is curated by Prof Milica Topalovic, Asst Prof Charlotte Malterre-Barthes (Harvard GSD) and Hans Hortig. 01.03.2021 JOSHUA COMAROFF Yale NUS College in conversation with Faiq Mari 15.03.2021 CAROLA HEIN TU Delft in conversation with Neeraj Bhatia 29.03.2021 SARAH NICHOLS Rice University in conversation with Guillaume Habert and Donald Mak 12.04.2021 JANE MAH HUTTON University of Waterloo in conversation with Galaad Van Daele 26.04.2021 ANNA TSING UC Santa Cruz in conversation with Marija Maric and Nils Güttler Selected Mondays, 4 — 5.30 pm, Online, FS21 elective 1 ECTS credit Contact: Hans Hortig,
 All sessions will be recorded and published online.

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