Smart City Meetup: Digitalisation in Cities

Berlin Innovation Agency (BIA)


About the Event

Cities around the world face great challenges in terms of digitalisation and in the use of new technologies. We are living in unprecedented times and the need to embrace digitalisation is advancing by leaps and bounds. Through our Smart City Hub program - we bring together established companies, startups, city institutes, and citizens to facilitate a platform for cross-sector learning, collaboration and innovation - always with the mission to develop the cities of tomorrow. We are launching our 2021 season with a focus on post-pandemic recovery and on how to make our cities and businesses more resilient and shock-proof. This season, we will showcase new innovations at our public events on our 'Urban Innovators Series'. Startups from our pre-seed startup program: Future City Incubator, members and research partners from the Smart City Hub and innovators will present their ideas, projects, and vision for future cities. Join us, on April 8th, for an evening of change-making and problem-solving presentations on the digitalisation of city life. ---- When? Thursday, April 8th, 2021- 17:00 CET ---- Speakers: Henrike Etzelmüller, Industry Executive Sustainable Cities, Microsoft Deutschland Catrin Braun, Smart City-Expert, Deutsche Telekom IoT Carl Brenssell, Co-Founder, Loop Technologies Kristjan Maalt, Co-Founder, Keep Systems Carl Brenssell, Co-Founder @ Loop Technologies Kristjan Maalt, Co-Founder @ Keep Systems Meet the Urban Innovators: Loop: Enables a solution to run effortlessly hybrid workplaces into one tool. Keep Systems: Helping companies automate GDPR-required activities and processes for customer data protection. Agenda: 17:00 - Welcome & Intro by Thomas Eichhorn, Senior Program Manager @BIA 17:10 - Keynote - Henrike Etzelmüller 17:25 - Keynote - Catrin Braun 17:40 - Urban Innovators Series presents: Loop and Keep Systems 18:10 - Closing

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