72 Hour Urban Action Lobeda

72 Hour Urban Action

02.05.2019 - 05.05.2019

About the Event

72 Hour Urban Action Loebda will take place in May 2-5 2019 and will challenge local residents and international participants to collaboratively create public spaces in the district. Ten mixed teams with ten different missions will take over ten sites with only three days and nights to design and build projects in response to local needs. Participants will sleep in the International Public Space Camp in Lobeda, where a main fabrication hub and a public kitchen will provide them with all they require to rapidly create interventions in public space. Each team will receive a budget and the aid of local experts and neighbours to help them complete their mission on site and on time. To apply as an individual or as a group follow the link to the application forms further below on this site. Some knowledge of English is required, but a lot of team spirit is essential! Please note: Each participating team will have 12 participants, coming from Germany and the rest of the world. All teams are composed by the festival organisers. When you apply you agree and to work with new people. Participation in 72HUA Lobeda is free, recommended and open to all! You bring: - Essential: Energy, Passion, Inspiration, Sleeping bag - Optional: Your favorite design and work tools, A Laptop + CAD Software, Camera You get: - Up to 2,000 € for Materials - Central Prefabrication Camp - Sleeping Accommodations - Food - Angels Team: Construction and Safety Engineers - Truck - Documentation - Fun - Fame - Fortune: Juicy prizes for the winners To apply: Complete the form and attach your portfolio and CV. Application is open to individuals and to groups of up to 6 people. Application is free, easy and recommended. We wish you the best of luck, and thank you for being you!

About Us

72 Hour Urban Action is the world's first real-time architectural competition where international teams design, build, sleep and party together to generate public interventions in a limited space within a short time and on a tight budget. It is a tool for resetting our perceptions of public space. This tool, taking the form of a design festival, has been intervening in different communities since 2010, working hands-on with local partners from the bottom up. 72HUA exposes local issues and offers alternative ideas quickly by bringing experts and amateurs to work in microsites - those neglected pockets of urban space full of potential that are too small to officially develop but are too big for residents to ignore.