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Street Studies


About the Event

The worlds leading Placemaking organization and significant researchers visit the worlds largest mural festival in the heart of Copenhagen. The intersection between community building, places and creative efforts to ingite dialogue and transformation, is a vibrant and interesting field of study! It offers ways to challenge traditional and formal citizen engagement, it's cost-efficient and it pulls headlines when done right! We invite urban planners, students, architects, social and cultural entrepreneurs and policy-makers to experience and explore these concepts in full effect with some of the worlds leading experts! - Cynthia Nikitin | Project for Public Spaces (New York, US) - Amelia Green | Griffith University (Cold Coast, Australia) - Ricardo Lopes and Pedro Costa | University of Lisboa (Lisboa, Portugal) - Steffen Gray | Meeting of Styles (Copenhagen, Denmark) These four experts will take you through one of the most colorful parts of transforming places bottom-up, building on several SDG's especially 11.3 about involving civil society in the planning and development of urban spaces. The presentation will include a talk and several workshops, engaging with the artists and surroundings of the neighboring mural festival, Meeting of Styles Copenhagen! 50 International artists have been confirmed from a wide range of countries from all over the world. So be ready to network, ask, listen, brainstorm and challenge the ideas that are brought up. You will end up with new perspectives, tangible strategies for community engagement, concepts and good-practice to support policy-planning, ways to actively work with places in need of love, care and attention. We want to dig deeper into the Creative city brand, and show how to make room for communities to drive processes themselves!

About Us

Street Studies is the urban planner’s and architect’s expanded toolbox. We facilitate informal citizen involvement, creative placemaking and stakeholder development in urban spaces.