Urban Mobility is Changing: Shared Mobility & Regulation

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Panel discussion

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Urban mobility is changing ... With the rise of electric scooters, ridesharing platforms and shared mobility options there are now more ways to move around Europe’s largest cities than ever before. City dwellers are no longer required to rely on public transport, taxis or even own a car, as right now, getting from A to B has never been simpler. Berlin, alone, has 20+ new mobility services with tens of thousands of cars, bikes, scooters deployed across the city. However the speed in which these changes are happening creates a multitude of both opportunities and challenges for city governments and mobility operators. Join the host Jakob Fricke (Samsung Next), and a group of mobility experts to discuss the following questions and the evolution of urban mobility: - What’s the role of the city? Are they to continue as monopolistic operators financing and managing new forms of mobility themselves, or do they become enablers for primarily private offerings or collaborate to provide a mix of both? - What new forms of regulations are required? And how to ensure that mobility providers are meeting local policy requirements? - What are capabilities, technical infrastructure and standardisation needed from both sides? - What opportunities might arise for cities when aggregating the massive inflow of data? And does this have an impact on urban planning? Experts joining the discussion: - Jimmy Cliff, General Manager DACH for electric scooter company [Dott](https://ridedott.com/) - Jorge Fonturbel, Investment Manager at [Target Global](https://www.targetglobal.vc/)'s Mobility 2.0 Fund - Carolina Castanheira, Product Manager at [Trafi](https://www.trafi.com/) - Christoph Kirchberger, TU Wien / [aspern.mobil LAB](https://www.mobillab.wien/en/) Additional speakers will be announced soon.

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