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Learning from spaces: flexible use of space as a catalyst for circular business models in construction Spaces: temporary, social, participative? Together with the Urban Ideation Lab, Circular Berlin invites to an exciting panel discussion on "Learning from rooms". How can different spatial uses promote the Circular Economy around building? To answer this question, we bring together leading actors in Berlin who exchange their experiences and examine best practices in circular spaces in Berlin. How can long-term, multi-functional, temporary spaces and pioneering uses be linked together to create circular building business models for our city? In order to accelerate the transition from the linear to the circular economy in the construction sector, it is urgently necessary to use circular business models. Due to the higher risks, costs and complexity, circular building is not yet "business as usual" for the industry. Whether it is an existing or a new building, attendees will explore how design and use models of spaces can enable sustainable building operation. SCHEDULE - 18.30: Doors are open - 18.45-19.00 : Introduction by Circular Berlin - 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.: Learning from spaces: Berlin cases bringing circularity closer into construction sector from Belius ,House of Statistics , CRCLR , TRNSFRM , RENGGLI Germany GmbH - 20.00-20.30: Round table with Urban Ideation Lab - 20.30: Networking Join us for great talks, sharing ideas, networking, drinks and snacks!

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Circular Berlin is an open initiative promoting a collaborative environment to unlock the potential of cross-sectorial connectivity and to accelerate Berlin transition to a circular city.