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Between 2013 and 2018, the Institute of Urban Design and Landscape Architecture of TU Wien partnered with the Housing and Urban Development Division (HUD) of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) to create a scientific foundation for innovative methods that foster participatory urban planning and design. An experimental design approach was applied, combining people- centered planning, participatory planning tools, urban strategies, and urban design. The Urban Design Lab (UDL) worked in over twenty emerging cities in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC). The “Urban Design Lab Handbook” displays the result of a five years planning process: not only 21 projects all over the American continent were developed, but also an outstanding planning methodology was elaborated. The handbook explains the context and emerging problems faced by the cities of Latin America and the Caribbean and puts forward various solutions for typical difficulties encountered within those urban conglomerations. Latin America and the Caribbean constitutes the second most urbanized region on the planet and LAC cities are growing exponentially. In order to face the resulting challenges, long-term strategies need to be developed, dealing with urban phenomena such as: rapid population growth, informal settlements, the revival and regeneration of centrally located—but neglected—spaces, as well as with urban management and governance issues similar to those found in other expanding agglomerations. These strategies need to address major questions: How can one plan a growing city without neglecting urbanity? How can one manage urban spatial growth in tandem with social, environmental, cultural and economic challenges? The “Urban Design Lab Handbook” was edited by Roland Krebs and Markus Tomaselli and published by JOVIS Verlag Berlin in 2019. Program 17:00 Opening and Introduction Harald Waiglein, Director General for Economic Policy and Financial Markets, Federal Ministry of Finance (BMF) 17:15 Research by Design and Experimental Approaches of the Urban Labs An Introduction to the Urban Design Lab Handbook, Roland Krebs, superwien urbanism ZT OG, Vienna 17:30 The Urban Labs from the perspective of the academia Markus Tomaselli, Head of Institute for Urban Design and Landscape Architecture, TU Wien 17:45 The Urban Labs from the perspective of the IDB Esther Rodriguez Fernandez, Inter-American Development Bank (Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo), Washington, DC 18:00 Keynote: urbanisation by architecture Hubert Klumpner, Chair of Architecture and Urban Design, ETH Zürich and Founding partner of Urban-Think Tank. 18:30–19:00 Urbanists as Activists—How to light the fire for activism? Joint panel discussion with the speakers from the previous session and Kerstin Pluch (Research Unit for Local Planning and Design, TU Wien), Jan Gartner (Director Raumpioniere), Vienna and Isabel Stumfol (Institute for Spatial Planning, TU Wien and board member of LandLuft), moderation Barbara Nothegger (Kurier) Infos about the Event: []( Infos about the book: []( After the presentations Wine, Bread and Cheese will be served.

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Superwien urbanism ZT OG is a studio for urbanism, urban design and sustainable architecture based in Vienna, Austria.