The Class Conference 2019

The Class of 2020

06.11.2019 - 07.11.2019
€ 549-799

About the Event

BLENDED LIVING The past decade can be considered nothing less than a miraculous one in human innovation. More ideas and products have been realised than any decade before, with greater flows of people, goods, and services between cities, countries and continents. In this new, global world-order, life goals and work preferences are changing too. It is impossible to ignore the changing role of cities and pivotal importance of universities and knowledge institutions. Urban living increasingly is characterized by transience and inclination to constant change. Human capital and talent attraction are the driving force behind urban advancement in a competitive order of global cities. The fast changes in modern society are turning our lives in a permanent stage of becoming, and increasingly blurring the environment around us. At The Class of 2020, we have been investigating the future of urban living, working and learning for a footloose generation of international talent. The recognition of the co-revolution being a natural progression for the student living sector inspires us to explore all the blends young people encounter in their living experience. While physical realities meet virtual spaces; the European market is witnessing both an institutionalization and a blurring of PBSA as asset class, embracing innovative lifestyle specific and hospitality-driven living products. The urban campus is the ultimate mash-up of higher education and novel ways of working and living together. Digitalization is disrupting our perception and experience of space, and creates learning ecosystems beyond proximity. We are looking forward to exploring these topics together with you and 800 other thought leaders inreal estate investment, development and operations, international higher education and city leadership.

About Us

The Class of 2020 Foundation is a partner-based non-profit organization with a simple goal: to further the professionalism and knowledge of student housing in Europe and beyond. Established in 2011, the Class of 2020 is now the largest European Student Housing platform open to anyone and everyone. Our small and flexible team operates out of Amsterdam. Our mission is to be the leading think tank on student housing in Europe. We provide an international network of complementary partners, members and associations. By bringing people together, we offer and share high-quality information and best practices. We aim for a student housing market that is open, international, professional, sophisticated and developed to fully accommodate student needs.