URBAN FUTURE Global Conference


Conference, Exhibition
01.04.2020 - 03.04.2020

About the Event

**URBAN FUTURE Global Conference is our partner event. Reach out to us at [hello@allthingsurban.net](hello@allthingsurban.net) to get a promo code for a 20% discount. The offer is valid until March 13, 2020.** URBAN FUTURE Global Conference arrives in Lisbon to shape the future of our cities. After Graz, Vienna and Oslo, the Portuguese capital was elected to host the event that wants to help creating more sustainable and happy cities for everyone. Lisbon was chosen to host the 5th edition of the URBAN FUTURE Global Conference (UFGC), Europe’s largest event for sustainable cities, that will bring together around 3,000 decision makers and professionals from over 60 countries from 1st to 3rd April next year. The official kick-off of the event took place today at the Lisbon City Council and was attended by Fernando Medina, Lisbon Mayor and Gerald Babel-Sutter, CEO and founder of the conference – among many others. The conference, which is considered to be a multidisciplinary urban event, has brought together, over the past four editions, people willing to be drivers of sustainable change in the cities where they live, creating synergies for the development of concrete projects. These “CityChangers”, a term used to identify all those working to develop more environmentally friendly cities, include mayors, city planners, architects, and representatives from a variety of sectors such as real estate or mobility. The conference - one of the signature events of the Lisbon Green Capital 2020 program – is centered around four thematic focus areas: mobility, water, districts and leadership. In every edition, the focus areas are adjusted to the specific needs of each hosting city, taking into consideration all the inputs from local and international stakeholders regarding the current high priority urban issues. Each one of these 2019 themes will allow for the debate around creative and feasible ideas to reorganize Lisbon, as well as other global cities. In 2021, the conference will be hosted in Rotterdam, Netherlands and the hosting city for 2022 will be announced during the event in Lisbon.

About Us

The UFGC is the world’s largest meeting place for CityChangers, people who strive to make their cities more sustainable with lots of passion and commitment. They implement concrete projects, thus improving life in the respective city. The UFGC brings our brightest minds together, regarding itself as a neutral platform without any political agenda. The URBAN FUTURE global conference was founded in 2014 and is taking place in a different European city every year from 2018 onwards. Since 2014, visitor numbers have tripled.