PlanTech in the Era of COVID-19

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Panel discussion

About the Event

**Breakfast Briefing: PlanTech in the era of COVID-19** Our breakfast webinar will feature guest speakers examining how COVID-19 is impacting and accelerating new digital planning practices in 2020. The global COVID-19 pandemic has changed urban life and has already had a profound effect on our working patterns. It has demonstrated more than ever the importance of digital ways of working. Join us for our upcoming breakfast webinar where, together with guest speakers, we will examine the key challenges and lessons being learned for planning practice in 2020, and highlight how the current restrictions on our everyday lives have demonstrated that PlanTech advancements are crucial to the future of the industry. **Speakers** - Ian Harvey, Joint Founder and Executive Director, Civic Voice - Jason Hawthorne, Founding Director and Chief Digital Officer, VU.CITY - Michelle Isme, Product Manager, Unboxed and Claudia Hopkins, Designer, Unboxed - More speakers will be announced shortly. **Time** 10:00-11:00 BST **Agenda** 10:00-10:45: Welcome and presentations 10:45-11:00: Questions for the panel

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The new Connected Places Catapult accelerates smarter living and travelling in and between the places of tomorrow. We focus on growing businesses with innovations in mobility services and the built environment that enable new levels of physical, digital and social connectedness. The Connected Places Catapult operates at the intersection between public and private sectors and between local government and transport authorities. We convene the disparate parts of the market to help innovators navigate the complexity of doing business, creating new commercial opportunities and improving productivity, socio-economic and environmental benefits for places.