CogX: Planet, Smart Cities & Space


08.06.2020 - 10.06.2020

About the Event

This year’s virtual CogX will be the biggest, most inclusive and forward-thinking online gathering of leaders, CEOs, entrepreneurs, scientists, artists and activists in the world, all trying answer the question: “How to get next 10 years right?”. We’ve got all the of the amazing content and speakers you’d expect from a CogX including: Covering all 17 tracks of content, virtual meet-the-speaker breakout sessions, the vExpo and Startup Village, invite-only side events, roundtables, affiliate partner workshops and speed networking for each vertical, Virtual CogX aims to set the standard. **Planet, Smart Cities & Space** Our planet is a complex system, and its health is integral to ours. COVID-19 has shown us that in the face of imminent threat, radical action is possible. In the long term, climate change represents one of the biggest threats to the planet, but also the greatest business opportunity of the last 200 years. This year at CogX we will explore the approaches AI and other emerging technologies offer in the fight against climate change and environmental degradation. We will discuss the future of our cities, and the intersection of smart, sustainable and key advances in mobility.

About Us

CognitionX is a global leader in AI and emerging technology. It's mission is to bring clarity to, and accelerate adoption of AI across all organisations from global enterprises to startups, and help ensure a safe and responsible transition to an AI-driven society. With AI changing everything and every organisation, companies of all sizes need to form an AI strategy and get on with deployment. But the current options of consultants are expensive and slow, and searching the web for answers immediately becomes a project.