CANactions School Talk

CANactions School

10.09.2020 - 25.12.2020

About the Event

CANactions School Talk is a series of online talks and offline events investigating «How does the world change in the face of global challenges?». It is aimed to share global knowledge, unite, and consolidate professionals around the globe. Every week professionals from various fields— architecture, urban development, mobility, economics, sociology, history, political science, design, cultural studies, etc.— discuss what world will we return to after the changes we are experiencing now, what are the reasons of the current crisis and what lessons to be learned from it. BROADCASTING LIVE on CANactions School Facebook at 19:00 EEST / 18:00 CET:; Follow CANactions Schooland subscribe to our newsletter to be updated with the latest news and upcoming events:! Join our upcoming events: OCTOBER 8 October 'It's Free Real Estate' with Andrius Ropolas | Office De Architectura 15 October Rafi Segal /Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) 22 October 'All About Spaces' / CANactions School NOVEMBER 5 November Dr. Ursula Kleefisch-Jobst / Museum der Baukultur Nordrhein-Westfalen 19 November Ania Molenda / TU Delft 26 November 'All About Spaces' / CANactions School

Who's Coming

Support CANactions School to contribute to the involvement of world-leading professionals and experts in open events in the framework of CANactions School Talk.

About Us

CANactions School is an educational platform, with offices in Kyiv and Amsterdam. Our mission is to enhance the creation of places and communities where people love to live and work.