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About Us

51N4E is a Brussels-based international practice of approximately forty practitioners and researchers in the field of architecture, urban redevelopment, public space and citizen participation. Its aim is to set up, guide and implement the transformation processes that lead to the development of a resilient society based on sustainable use of the environment, here understood as the connection between the living environment, the urbanized environment and the natural environment. 51N4E wants to enable changes both in space and in terms of mentality and current practices. With this as goal, the processes of sustainable transformation are tackled as processes of dialogue and cooperation, taking into consideration a diversity of dimensions and perspectives and the way in which they integrate and reinforce each other. These dimensions are spatial, social, economic and ecological. 51N4E is a collaborative platform for sustainable transformation, set up as a learning environment. Using design as a tool, it enable processes of consultation and collaboration, focusing on the co-creation of value, knowledge and solutions, by bringing together different insights, interests, expertise, stakeholders and disciplines. These processes are conceived, developed and executed with the aim of supporting the autonomous engagement and self-direction of the parties involved and allowing them to develop in full force, with respect for the value of the other. They are supported by the appropriate tools and the necessary assistance, which enable the transformation processes to be successfully set up and managed. The tools to support this learning environments are temporary actions, designs, realizations, presentations, publications, software, strategies, recommendations, debates, travel, scientific research, project management, etc.


Urban Designer

1 year ago
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