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Nommon provides information, quantitative analysis and decision support tools for organisational intelligence and policy assessment. Our goal is to assist private and public organisations in creating sustainable value, by helping them make better-informed decisions in complex and uncertain environments. We apply the state of the art in data science and systems modelling and simulation to integrate analytical and simulation models with supporting databases, offering our customers virtual laboratories to assess the impact of a set of potential strategies under different scenarios. We work in sectors dealing with systems whose performance emerges from the complex interaction of interdependent policies and regulatory regimes, infrastructures, technologies, and demographic, socioeconomic and behavioural trends. Nommon’s commercial operations are organised into four business units: - Kineo Mobility Analytics, which analyses anonymised geolocation data from mobile devices (e.g., mobile phone records) and blends them with more traditional data (e.g., census data, traffic counts) to provide dynamic population mapping, trip matrices and other activity and mobility indicators. - Transport & Mobility, which provides decision support tools and consultancy services for data-driven transport modelling, with particular focus on the use of non-conventional data sources and on new, emerging mobility concepts and technologies, such as MaaS and CAVs. - Aviation, which provides products and services for the planning and management of airports, airlines and air traffic management systems. - New Businesses, which conceives and develops innovative projects and pilot studies in other areas, including Smart Cities & Urban Planning, Retail & Geomarketing, Logistics & Supply Chain, and Energy & Environment.


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