Valeria Danin

Tel Aviv
Passion for cities and urban innovation is a driving force in my life and career. Over the last 5 years, I've been working with cities all over the world, helping them solve issues of modern urbanisation and create a dialogue between businesses, government and academia, on both local and global levels. Email me to talk partnership and job opportunities at All Things Urban.

Anastasia Sukhoroslova

I am a media strategist and international PR specialist with a diverse professional experience around the globe: from working with leading architecture firms to supporting internationally recognized projects at La Biennale di Venezia. Reach out to me to learn more about our communications goals, audience growth and media partnership opportunities!

Dan Gittik

Tel Aviv
I'm passionate about bringing technology to the people, and using software to advance science and welfare. Ex-tech lead and corporate innovator at the Israeli Military Intelligence and senior software engineer at Google and Magic Leap, today I'm working on a range of social impact projects and teach software design, information security and more at Tel Aviv University.

Karina Garnaga

A city planner, analyst and urbanism enthusiast, today I am leading spatial development and placemaking projects in Moscow after a few years in a commercial real estate consulting team at JLL. If you are based in Russia I would be happy to discuss partnership!

Regina Schröter

I am a designer, who explores how we can turn cities into future-proof habitats for all living beings. In the past, I have gained experience working in cultural non-profit, a tech startup and an urban transformation agency. Pursuing a Masters in Urban Futures gave me insight in how we can strategically use the future as inspiration to make decisions to act upon in the present. I am currently researching and writing about urban trends in Amsterdam.

Nayla Saniour

I am an architect by formation, lover of city life, avid reader and amateur writer. I currently work in Madrid at the intersection of architecture and urban design. My interest lies in the extraordinary ordinary things, the little stuff of everyday. I would love to chat about random interestingness and urban living.