Master Class


17.06.2019 - 19.06.2019
1,400 - 1,600 €

About the Programme

The annual Copenhagenize Master Class offers an intensive three-day immersion in Copenhagen – the City of Cyclists – with the goal of preparing 20-30 passionate individuals from around the world for the most-effective transformation of our cities into bicycle-friendly urban centres. Over three intensive and rewarding days participants experience every aspect of the world's most bicycle-friendly city. Copenhagen is an obvious choice for this immersion. The winding streets in the medieval city centre are one thing, but the majority of this sprawling European capital features wide boulevards that might resemble so many other city streets in the world. It is here, like no other city in the world, where inspiration for a bicycle future is strongest, with best practice infrastructure and planning on full display – helping us to create visions of how other cities might move into the 21st Century. Along with gaining a deep understanding of the ongoing transformation of Copenhagen, the Master Class by Copenhagenize covers innovative topics such as global bicycle urbanism, desire lines and observational analysis, the arrogance of space and dominance of cars, Danish best-practice bicycle infrastructure design, and bicycle communications for the 99%. The annual program is jam-packed with three days of lectures, tours, workshops, guest talks and an exploration of fun and food in Copenhagen.

Who's Coming

Every year we accept 20-30 passionate individuals with a desire to learn and work actively towards designing Life-Sized Cities with the bicycle leading the way. Past applicants have generally been professionals in planning, engineering and design, public officials, policy-makers, bicycle-focused business people, graduate students, and bicycle advocates. There is, however, no specific requirement. Part of what makes the Copenhagenize Master Class so special is the fact that we bring together participants with international experience from around the world – people who can inspire each other. When we have a surplus of applicants, we will generally select participants to ensure that we have a broad international group with a diverse professional background.

About Us

Following a strong Danish design tradition, Copenhagenize Design Co. works on planning cities, districts and neighbourhoods, integrating simplicity, logic and human nature into mobility networks.


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