Nordic CityMaking Week: Open Call for CityMakers

Urban Practice

Helsinki, Vantaa
15.09.2020 - 19.09.2020

About the Event

What is Nordic in our cities? What do we mean with citymaking? How can we as citymakers work together to make our cities better? Welcome to the Finnish cities of Helsinki and Vantaa! The first Nordic CityMaking Week 2020 invites all people interested in the future of our Nordic cities to share experiences in how to make our cities more liveable, sustainable and inclusive. Whether you are a professional working with urban development, a student wanting to understand Nordic cities better, or a community activist looking for inspiring cases and connections, this week is for you. During 15–19 September NCW2020 will host seminars, round table talks and workshops as well as numerous site visits. As a ‘conference without walls’ the event week will spread to different neighbourhoods of Helsinki, Vantaa and Espoo and connect the topics to real life developments. You can join the week by presenting an interesting case you have worked with or by participating in workshops. If you are a student of urban planning or a related subject, you can apply for an internship. Interns work in communications and program production teams. Please submit your request for internship by the end of March. NCW2020 does not cover the costs of the participants who apply via the open call. The production office Urban Practice ltd. will send an official letter of admittance which the participants may use for funding applications.

About Us

We are a Helsinki-based office for citymaking. We accompany urban change by creating collaboration between cities, companies, academia and the civic society. Cities are places of density and diversity. Working towards more inclusive and sustainable cities calls for radical innovation in collaboration. To make our cities better, we need different ways to enable us to dream together. At Urban Practice we create platforms – cross-sectoral, cross-disciplinary, cross-everything. We design and facilitate processes, campaigns and experiments that connect societal goals with tangible actions (the ‘quadruple helix’ approach).